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After spending more than 25 years in the event industry, it became clear that practically every venue suffered from the same issues. They all lacked the necessary knowledge on how to maximize the earning potential from their Audio Visual Systems. We have created a fresh approach on how to integrate these services into their event contracts, allowing seamless transition between events, while making things easier and more practical for the customer.
So in 2017...Empyre Entertainment Solutions, LLC was born.

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I didn't realize how much our audio and visual systems were holding us back from providing the total experience that our clients expect. Empyre helped us rethink our approach and allowed us to utilize our system as another valuable piece to the put on perfect event!

Hosting Corporate Events can be quite demanding in the Hotel Industry. Every client has a different idea or request that can be difficult to accommodate. James resolved all of these issues by simplifying the process and taking care of everything.

Brian Willis

Christine Grafman

When we were looking to hire a company to install our AV systems, everyone had the same approach. Empyre was unique in the fact that they knew what we needed from the system to maximize earning potential. I never looked at teh system that way. James opened our eyes up to an additional revenue stream that we hadn't considered.

Empyre is the only company that I will go for my sound and lighting. They truly looked at the process from my point of view and helped me understand the reasons behind all of the detailed recommendations. I am so glad we hired them!

Michael Ferraro

Ruben Rodriguez


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